Mangalia Branch Office, Vasile Alecsandri Street, No.2, Bl.6, Ap.10, Mangalia, Romania
Phone: +40 744 61 01 14

Ship supply


Midmar Agency’s employees are committed to providing products and services consistent with the highest standards in the ship supply business for almost two decades.

Thanks to our connections created over time, our partners and providers are responding in due time to all queries so that we can deliver without delay all items requested. Because in shipping business time is money, we understand that our always prompt response will make the difference in having our customers fully satisfied.

In the last 20 years our foremost goal has been the customer satisfaction. Our customers can expect fast, efficient service for all their ship chandlery needs.
We are committed to provide the highest quality products at the best available prices.

From food provisions to deck stores, stationaries or engine spare parts, we will do our best to bring to you the outmost quality products. We are able to find solution for all type of requests.

With our strong market relationships, trusted suppliers, reliable up-to-date information we can supply your good vessels with bunker fuels, lubricants or chemicals.