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Ship Spares Logistics


No job is too big or too complex for MIDMAR Agency.

We offer Logistics Freight Forwarding solutions that include Import Export of Air Cargo, Import Export of Sea Cargo and Multi-modal Transshipment. Our time-bound service is designed to meet your just-in-time requirements. Our services are executed by expert manpower and in well planned manner to ensure safe delivery of goods.

Our team  can offer landside transportation, warehousing & storage solutions, barging, freight forwarding, customs clearance of spares, equipment or vessels, procurement of goods and services. Through a network of suppliers, contractors and vendors, Midmar Agency can provide solutions to any logistical need throughout Europe– whether it is a hand-size parcel or a heavy lift module.

In critical moments there is a need to obtain a replacement part to the emergency. This is the time that makes the difference in having to deal with an organization with experience both in transportation and logistics. Having an efficient supply chain for spare parts for routine maintenance and equipment, is essential for MIDMAR Agency to provide ship owners and management companies a global service with “door-to-deck” delivery of ship spare parts and marine components. This specialized service supply chain management integrates global infrastructure and expertise. With our reliable partners we can ensure freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, ship supply and marine support. MIDMAR choose modes to match the timing and cost concerns of customers and assumes responsibility for the entire supply chain.